February 22, 2011

Paxing munchies to newest Adoptee...

Sometime this week - somewhere Downrange - my newest adopted soldier (via Soldiers' Angels of course) should be receiving my first letter to him.  In it he will learn that his fate has become intertwined with a goofy Aussie (well.. until he returns home that is... or runs screaming like a girlie to request a substitute [management wishes to advise that no Soldiers/Airmen have yet run screaming like a girlie... must be my luck in getting the stout hearted ones! :D]) and that from here on in he will be the recipient of oddities via the postal service.

And the first batch of Aussie Oddities has just been ordered for him... we have the usual two flag pin that I love to send to all my adoptees

And some exciting Australian Munchies - including a pack of Timtams! (sadly it's soon to be hot hot hot over there so this will probably be his only chance at the chocolate coated goodness)

Photo for illustrative purposes only - plain timtams sent (and no penguins)
 I've also sent him some Musk Sticks (long time readers will remember this post!) Let's see how he goes with them :)

There are also a few other munchies and a Toy (because what sort of surprise parcel would it be without the silly fuzzy thing that he can hug and squeeze and call George (or Joey :D). 

Hopefully I'll have some contact with him shortly via email so that I can get an idea of what his likes & dislikes and needs are - then the next parcel to be sent could possibly contain something useful! (or not... really depends if he needs something to laugh at more than he needs something practical)

Pax over and out


  1. A Lady whose "Love of Warriors" is showing again.
    Would that be "One ?Angel??" who loves dragging a "Warrior" kicking and screaming deep into the realm of "Aussie humor" and out of the reality of that sick, sad world that they are tromping in.

    Stay tuned and watch the unfolding of the "Warrior's Travels thru the World of Pax".

    All rights are reserved by command of the "World of Pax".

    Miss Em

    ps...Aaahhhh...humor isn't it grand that we can all smile at what we believe is a "sense of humor" even when its not our own. ;~D

  2. I would love to have one of those flags. My Ship's association is so close to the guys of the HMAS Melbourne and that pin would be great to wear at the reunions.