February 14, 2011

February catch up

+  Contact has been established with newest Soldiers' Angel adoptee - he should be receiving initial communications sometime soonish, and a munchie parcel of Aussie biscuits (ie. cookies) will soon follow.

+  Second round of goodies has reached Sgt G.  He assures me he can make use of the stove-top popcorn popper somehow [pax makes mental note - check first if the guys have the required equipment prior to doing the "it's 3am... I've got burning insomnia.... and Amazon.com has shiny things!" ordering run].  Apparently his team are wickedly good at making fires so I expect they'll manage to get the corn popped eventually (hopefully with action photos supplied!... and yes.. that could be a HINT! :D)

+  MP. C has gone Stop Mail.  He's due home in about five weeks.  Really happy he'll be back home and safe soon.

+  Spork & Snuggie has been supplied to JJ.  Not even remotely exciting / glamorous but useful.  Oh and apparently it's still snowing & icy in his part of Downrange :(

+  More "Cup of Joe" donations have been purchased and sent off with a cheery note that seems to primarily discuss the weather (sorry... sorry... it's a preoccupation over here at the moment - what with the recent floods, and rains, and tropical storms. At least we don't have earthquakes or bush fires to worry about at the moment! Small blessings!). 
At least the recipients of my caffeinated largess can use the coffee/tea to keep themselves awake and avoid nodding off over the note of non-excitement. (although enquiring minds... ie. me... want to know if Downrange Green Beans shops have Muffins available too?  Anyone know the answer? cause whats the good of a coffee without the muffiny goodness?*)

At home news.  My Mum's doing okay.  She's had a new medication prescribed in place of the one that was making her sleep her days away.  She remains up beat and motivated.

And I'm told that today has been re-named by many to "Singles Awareness Day".   Now wondering what the Valentines Day equivalent of "Bah! Humbug!" would be?  For those playing along at home - why no, this years day of Red & Roses was not a happy one for me. Rather par for course if you want to refer back to last years post

*why yes.. yes.. I am once again running on only about 3 hours sleep and therefore channeling my inner space-cadet. However did you guess? :)


  1. Hugss---chocolate covered lips sending you kisses---and yes I bought my own "V-Day's" candy and one rose to remind me that "eyesss lovessss me".

    Good to hear that All of this Angel's "Hellions" are doing great.

    Miss Em

  2. You go! So glad you keep our troops filled with love and comfort...packages mean everything to them. And so excited your mum is doing well. Valentine's Day..ugh...let's not go there.

  3. You are so good. I hope you get some rest and time to take care of you. I renamed this day (which is just about over) Chocolate Day.

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  5. >Miss Em - Hellions!?! Why MY boys are the sweetest, nicest..
    oh hang on (hey.. shhh.. stop the laughing I'm trying to defend you..)
    sorry... Righto - Sweet *check* Nice *check* Easily amused *check*. Luvs them all I does :)

    >Momma - I hear you on the VD non-love. Hugs

    >Robyn... mmm chocolate - Yumm!

    >Anon... YOU do seem to have issues don't you? Least of all hiding behind the Anonymous tag.
    FYI - I know many American women who love their country and their friends, and count not the cost of giving of their time, generosity & humour.

    Since I am NOT American I figure I can judge on this. So Sod Off Precious and let the adults chatter.


  6. sorry... managed to delete this comment by accident (fumble-fingered Pax syndrome today)

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "February catch up":

    Yes, they do have muffins at Green Beans, though I have never tried one yet??
    They also have really thick chocolate cake. By the way, I just received a free CUP OF JOE from you and I wanted to thank you for it!!! Also, thank you for taking the time to think of us. Currently I am stationed at Kandahar Airfield (KAF), Afghanistan.