November 15, 2011

Pax and Christmas parcel prep

Eek!!!  I am not sure where the time has gone but it is suddenly half way through November and I have not yet gotten any Christmas parcels off to my two Soldiers' Angels adoptees!

You may be thinking "Relax Pax - you've got ages!" but you would be incorrect.  You see - the USA Military Postal Powers that Be who control mail to those "Downrange" (and elsewhere deployed) have a very regimented schedule they adhere to.  Miss the Deadlines and the parcels may be held over till after December.

So I am feverishly getting my act together.  I have 99% gathered - just need to complete one more Australian themed Christmas wreath and everything can be boxed up and dispatched.

And since I have finally worked out how to run my photo download program on my laptop - you get PHOTOS!  (queue the Ooohing and Ahhhing...  NOW!)

A small Santa sack of Australian goodies each and some Christmas
decorations to add glitter to their barracks
Bits and pieces all ready for wreath construction
Bells and Koalas and foliage - Oh My!
Wreath number two will have to wait until tomorrow night to be created (since it's heading towards midnight here; I am tired; and the glue gun is being painful) and then Thursday I will attempt to fit everything into two Airmail boxes and pay exorbitant prices for overseas priority delivery.

The Parcels should make it to the USA by end of month and then on to Ernest and Mateo :).   With luck I can also co-ordinate a parcel of Aussie munchies (TimTams for the win!) from the Ohio based Simply Australian store (sending food stuffs direct from Australia can be both expensive and result in the parcels being held over by USA customs till checked - so I really prefer to get those shipped from "within-the-States" if I can)

Hopefully a bit of Christmas cheer can help them make it through the Yule Season feeling appreciated and loved.

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  1. Yep, you do have to ship 'early' to get it there, and they are going to be surprised and happy to see those gifts!!! Thanks for what you do!!!