November 29, 2011

Parcel (almost) away!

The Last of the Adoptee's Christmas cheer parcel is all set to go - will take it to the Post Office tomorrow and pay eek-ful airmail prices so that it reaches Airman G in time.

I feel a bit bad - this one was supposed to be all done and gone almost a week ago (just after I agreed to adopt him), however health and other life interruptions happened unfortunately.

SO here are a few photos of the parcel.

Slightly different style for the wreath due to my running out of Gum leaves
(the flower is wattle if anyone is curious). And the Silver bells are really jangly.
(heh heh heh)
A small Santa sack of goodies!
Not made by me - got them from HERE
The rest of the box is full of tinsel garlands / decorations and
sugar candy canes - something to add sparkle to his bunk/work area.
I use the Tinsel as packing material to hold it all secure - my regular
Postal Office is highly amused at having to snip off the odd "sticking-out bit"

So that is the three Soldiers' Angels adoptees taken care of.  I'll be sending something more food related to the Marine group (there are 15 of them so it's a bit harder to send individual stockings and still be able to pay the mortgage.  What I wouldn't give to win the lottery right now!)

I guess I should also look at heading to bed.  It's past midnight here and I am guessing my work would find it a nice change not to have "Zombie-Mari" shuffling about the place till the first batch of caffeine kicks in.

Good Night to you all!


  1. Pax, You're such a sweetie! Just the best.


  2. Thanks for what you do, I 'know' it's appreciated!

  3. Wonderful. Just wonderful! And what a great idea, using the garland as packing material1

  4. Very pretty! And very festive! You're so creative...

  5. Please close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, completely relax and imagine my cyberspace hug. Wish I could deliver it in person!

    I thought you might enjoy this page I just ran across. It's from a GI in Afghanistan who received "Angels" packages.

    If you go to his home page you'll find a piece about a total POS professor ranting about packages being sent to our Military. If you read it and react the way I'm sure you will, refer back to my opening.

  6. @Lola - aww thanks :)

    @Old NFO - I am just hoping it generates smiles when received :) [oh and possibly a small bit of envy that they don't have an Aussie Angel to hug them and pet them and... :D]

    @Suz - Thanks :) just hoping that the metalic tinsel doesn't set off any Customs sensors :D

    @TSBTS - :)

    @ExAF - I will take any and all cyberhugs on offer. And thank you for the GI blogger link - I will enjoy following his posts.
    As for the POS-P - I find it interesting that those most convinced of their own stunning self-worth would probably be the first against the wall when the revolution comes [or more likely - doused in BBQ sauce when the Zombie Appocolypse begins...!]