November 14, 2011

Pax and Troop Treats

Did you know....

*... that receiving even ONE parcel or letter from home can make a deployed trooper grin from ear to ear ?

*... that reaching out and connecting with a deployed trooper can make the difference between them having a "day" and 'HAVING A GREAT DAY' ?

*... that your troops serve for LOVE OF COUNTRY.  Wouldn't it be nice if their country showed them love in return?

*..... you can do this from the comfort of your home?

*.... you can send these letters and parcels just by joining some established Troop support groups - Soldiers' Angels  and ?

*.... that even if you don't have time to write or send parcels - you can still send COFFEE vouchers? '

*.... Or if you can bake cookies - that The Strength Behind the Strong has a COOKIE quest ?

Did you realise that there is no time like NOW for giving the gift of support?

In the interest of full disclosure -

*I have been a member of Soldiers' Angels since April 2009.  And I think they are an amazing group!
Their motto is "May no Soldier go Unloved"

*I have been donating Coffee vouchers via Cup of Joe since 2010.  I have met some of the most amazing people via their "Cup of Joe penfriend" program.

* I have known the organiser of The Strength behind the Strong since 2010. She did amazing things for her group of deployed Military Police; and now that they are home - TSBS is organising a Cookie Quest for a deployed Marine.

*I have not really been involved with the program at all (a few R.A.K parcels of Aussie goodies have been shipped out over the last two years but I've never really "clicked" with sending items to a totally random soul.  I mean... what if they have an Aussie-phobia! or worse... detest Musk sticks!)   However two Marines (A1S and Major Pain ) that I respect greatly have recently made blog pleas to be involved with this group so I will give it a go.  Apologies in advance to my guinea pig  erm... new recipients.  I promise NO PINK THINGS (unless you really really want them)


  1. Being the recipient of a bag or two of Mountain Thunder I can only add a hearty thank you for supporting the troops.

    Semper Fi!