December 5, 2011

Pax poses the question

While other bloggers are neck-deep in the dramas of the world - either preparing to fight zombies or reporting on new Pentagon cost savings, I have been more concerned about clarifying a vex'd question.

To wit......

What Military service DO the Penguins of Madagascar really belong to?

To a casual observer - the answer may appear to be "Navy" - after all their Leader goes by the name of  SKIPPER

Dashing, debonaire crew-cut wearing Alpha Bird

My Source for many things Navy (and strangely many things Hollywood - what can I say - he's diverse!) writes this about the term :- Skipper is the term for the Commanding Officer of a naval command. Also known as the CO, the old man (not to his face), or the boss.

But wait! - the Junior member of the team is called PRIVATE
Cute cuddly and a bit clueless
My source advises "A Private is a rank in the Marines, Air Force, or Army"
Strange... and worrying... is this perhaps a multiforce special ops team?

Their On-the-Spot Science man - Kowalski - known as the 2IC - nominal rank of Lieutenant

Never afraid to try SCIENCE!
At last but not least - their Ka-boom-in-ator

Able to regurgitate C4, detonators and anvils at call.
So there we have the team - one gung-ho commander (nominally Navy); one Private (could be Marine... but he's a bit too cuddly); one Science Boffin (drafted Civvie?) and their Trigger man (*definately* a Marine - his blade work is excellent)

Let's see them in action...

Questions remain......

Answers are required.....

Comments welcome!


  1. Hmmm. Yes. Probably an elite top-secret multi-branch task force - the best of the best skimmed right off the top, from all special forces. Including a few we've never heard of...

  2. Uh oh:

  3. I vote Navy. They all have the same body type as Sailors.

  4. Navy and Marines of course :-) Army need not apply...LOL

  5. The body type is more Air Force. What else do they do beside play golf?

  6. This is clearly a new method the US military has been doing....A JTF- Joint Task Force. They have a mix of services...none who understand the other and can't even figure out the ranks sometimes.
    They have the most fun when having formations (on Parade for some)...because they all use different grunts and stuff to give commands.

    I learned this when I had a team of Navy folks in Iraq who were very good...but I had not idea what they were talking about when they used terms like: "Port, starboard" and Navy jargon.

  7. Ha! CI-Roller, that reminds me of jump school when I was in charge of about half the class. Young Soldiers were pissed a Marine Gunny was running the show. I would go out of my way to use words like bulkhead, porthole, and hatch. I overheard someone complain once: "I didn't join the Army to learn Naval terminology!"

  8. Top,
    Don't get me wrong...I was very impressed with the Navy SECFOR team we got to borrow. And, I'll never forget that the Marines gave my team ammo when the Army failed.