December 19, 2011

Milsupport one liners

One of the nicest notes I've received recently from an "Adopted" trooper (Marine) reads in part

well i had no idea what Tim Tams were, but myself along with some other Marines are in love.

:)  Isn't it nice when you can offer munchies that provoke such happiness

[and no... I haven't yet sent this Marine any Musk Sticks - let me bask in the side-effect of Aussie Cookie love for just a bit longer!]


  1. I don't know what Tim Tams are either. I wonder if I can find them in the exotic food section of the grocery story with the canned alligator and the packages of banana slugs.


  2. LOL, yeah, I'd enjoy that too... Musk sticks, not so much!

  3. LOLA, they are a chocolate covered cookie of some sort. Cardboard I think. But the are good.

  4. Tim-Tams maybe really good but musk stick...poor Marines.
    Well maybe not.
    Some say that Marines have stomachs made of to with what is in those ready to eat meals.