February 14, 2012

Mwahaha! Pax Plots (again!)

I have just sent off another "Cup of Kaboom" to one my Soldiers' Angels adoptees - I *love* these cups!.  Clever mixture of utter silliness and maximum Coffee storage!

Hoping he likes it!

And in Potential Pax Plotting - I know someone that would shriek in horror at receiving the next item

Possibly more bearable than some of the Customised "Hello Kitty" combat weapons at this site - http://www.loneleeplanet.com/2009/12/top-7-hello-kitty-combat-gear/

Have I mentioned lately just how much FUN I get from sending the weird and the wacky downrange to my Adoptees?

And for my friends that are fearful of my continuing existence - relax!  They've first got to GET to Australia and then track me down to retaliate (snickers)


  1. That pink handle is cute. I'd like one of those.


  2. Pax, you really are the best!!! I hope all is going well!!!

    Dan Franck - I was on Franco's team in Iraq back in 2009.

  3. @Janie - some available at amazon.com

    @Gramps - welcome aboard! (and yes... I remember you from Izzy's Troop treating days :D)

    @A1S - I don't like to think of it as "sides" - just equal opportunity fun and mayhem *sweet innocent smile*

  4. That's it. *poke* the military. Not like they could track you down or anything...

  5. @OldNFO - :D

    @Kern - but I *like* poking (some) of the military. They are such good sports :) [as for the "tracking me down" thing... meh... my whole contrived vibe of "Nutty indulgent Aunty" means I'm mostly immune to the worrying ones. The others had best remember to bring flowers (tulips!) and teacake when they visit :D]