February 7, 2012

Purring Pax and January Catchup

Sorry - could not resist spreading the "Awwwwesomes" :)

Hmmm.. so it's February - already?  Not quite sure where the rest of January went but I'm sure I achieved a few things in there.

Let's see....

Oh!  You recall that group of Marines that I have sort of adopted via AnyMarine.com? - yeah... I have inflicted MS-destruction upon their taste buds (or will when the latest parcel of goodies reaches them).  In my defence (not that this excuse will fly with the Powers that Be or America's First Sgt*) I did first ask their Sgt if they would be game to try the Pinkish Treat. 

His reply "Well as always, surprises are more than welcome."  (my lawyer would like me to announce here that I am retaining Sgt G's email as "Proof of Cavet Emptor")

And just to prove that I am a "Very Nice Person" I mentioned the following to him

So.... remember to pre-warn your friends and fellow marines.  Don't bother advising those others you encounter (wicked grin) - get PHOTOS and share with me

Oh... okay... maybe I am only a "Very Nice Person" to the ones most likely to help defend me against Zombie attacks and ravening Sea Monkeys?  After all a Girl has to have priorities!

In other Troop treating news
  • a cow launching catapult has been dispatched to my Airforce Adoptee (to go with the earlier sent 'Black Beast of Arrghhhh') and all is well and peaceful in his workshop unless intruders (i.e anyone that can deal with a small plastic cow or duck or sheep being lobbed at their head) appear.  It's always nice to have Troop Adoptee's that truly understand where my point of Humour is coming from.

  • Adoptee Airman G is now safely home and with his family once more.

  • Adoptee M is a bit bemused that the special Valentine's Day parcel (a pre-created one I purchased from Soldiers' Angels store) will include Socks [he rightly glossed over my attempt at humour and mention of "Red socks in the wash"].  I'm sure that in some parts of the world Clean socks are a treat! :D

  • Oh and my latest batch of Coffee vouchers (from the Cup of Joe program) are beginning to reach those downrange.  I really love that fellow caffeine drinkers benefit from this - cause "Awake and Alert" - really means I have a few less souls to pray for (till they all come home)

*Sources tell me these may be one and the same entities - whoops!


  1. I haven't met a military type yet who doesn't like getting his hands on a little pussy...uh...you know what I mean...don't'cha?

  2. Good for you and keep up the good work, I 'know' it's appreciated!

  3. Thanks Pax'ster for all that you do for our guys. I am going to put your name in for an award. No promises, but here it goes: http://themellowjihadi.com/2012/02/09/liebster-award/

    Ha ha!

  4. You are probably the biggest ray of sunshine in the military. Hats off to you!

  5. Pax! I too have submitted your august blog for an award? Why? Because I can! http://castrapraetoria1.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award.html

    Semper Fi!