August 18, 2012

August Milsupporting

Yay! I have just joined up with the Soldiers Angels Letter & Epal writing team - and just sent off my first "Hello! How are you?" email.

Hoping it will make the recipient smile when he receives it :)

And my Adopted troopers are hopefully well and enjoying various treats sent over the last month.  It can be a bit hard finding the "Very Thing" to send when you have no contact back but I will keep sending a mix of the useful and the ridiculous - and hope that the parcels are reaching the Lads. Perhaps one day I will hear from them. Until then, I just take comfort in the fact that none of my letters, postcards or parcels are being returned to me marked "Unknown" and keep praying that they are safe and well and constantly amused/bewildered/amazed at the things I manage to send them.

This months parcel is a "Mystery Box" of goodies from the Soldiers Angel store.  Sounds like a lot of fun (with practical items included too) so I hope the parcels reach them soon.

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