August 22, 2012

Pax is feeling challenged

well.... at least I THINK these could be used as challenge coins... perhaps? maybe?

Although I only have a very hazy idea what a CC is - and perhaps these are too big and too heavy.

Anyshinycoin (as my friend Coffeypot would say)

I originally ordered TWO of these - with the thought that I would keep one for my collection and use the second as a future blog prize.

Through an accounting glitch I have ended up with FOUR of them (all duly paid for after I contacted the supplier and advised them they had oversupplied, but I loved them and would keep.. oh and here's my credit card info for the other two...)

Front & Back of the Medallions
Got them from HERE
They are quite heavy... but oh so pretty.  [Australian Army Rising Sun insignia on the front - Australian flag & slouch hat on the reverse]

And seeing that I now have THREE extras... do you think this is the sort of thing that would be of interest to someone that is currently serving "DOWNRANGE" - or would it be one more piece of heavy junk for them to drag about?

One of them WILL be used as a Blog competition in the next few months for my regular readers.  I just need some inspiration on what sort of competition to run.


Limerick comp?  "There once was a Pax from Downunder..."

Haiku perhaps? "Winter Pax rejoices..."

A Nordic Ode? "Bright the day, and kindness surrounds..."

Ehh... or maybe a Military Mentor might make mirthful merriment magically materialise (aka... someone send me a Silly Photo to Caption please!)

Seriously I am open to *most* suggestions


  1. yes, do try haiku
    a blog will surely profit
    cold rain winter night

  2. Look like "Challenge Coins" to me. They are usually given to a solider (sailor, airmen, marine) when they do something really well...given by a higher ranking person. If you know a person has one when you see them in a bar, you may challenge them. If they don't have their coin with them, they must buy a round of drinks.

  3. And, Dude, I thought it was also the newest CC had to pay up, too.

  4. I’ll give it a shot…
    From Downunder a lass named Pax
    Who was noted for her bodacious racks.
    When she walked they had such a jiggle
    That it made all the men ogle and giggle
    And all were stopped in their tracks.

    Winter Downunder Is Here
    And Makes Pax Giddy With Cheer
    Holidays Are Ever Near.

    Nordic Ode:
    They own the Northern Seas,
    In their long boats with the sail and breeze.
    They conquered many lands,
    And started there their family clans.
    In the Ice and Chill, their homes they did build
    And made the names of the Norsemen known.

    I'm not a pro but I will do what ever for a coin.

  5. LOL, Coffeypot 'deserves' one for that! :-) A Threefer!!!

  6. Lol - you do know that I adore you all for aiding and abetting my silliness :D

    And yes... Coffeypot - you will get one of your very own for all your rhyming efforts.

    One poetry competition coming up shortly - just give me a little time to close off the Caption comp that is still running.


  7. oh and CI_Dude - thank you for the explanation.

    As I sadly don't even outrank my Cat (really... she will tell you at length why I am a "foolish food monkey") I will hold off sending any of them to the Lads downrange. Possibly more fun to share the "coiny love" with the rest of you that aren't getting a weekly letter/postcard AND a monthly parcel from me [it's true though that I do believe in Spoiling *my* adoptees... possibly good that I haven't yet acquired any step-kids :D]