August 8, 2012

Even better than Musk Sticks!

Yum Yum Yum- Vegemite toast is planned for breakfast here (the faster version of breakfast when you just don't have time to cook and savour some bacon)

Since Vegemite is an acquired taste (more so than the sugary pink stuff aka musk sticks aka "Argh! she's trying to poison me!"*) it's best to give all my overseas readers a bit of a primer on how to best eat it.

Disclaimer - I could not track down the legal owner of this photo.
If *you* are that owner please contact me so I can attribute

If you are one of my current Adopted Warriors (via the Soldiers' Angels group) and would like to try this culinary delight please drop me a note and I will cheerfully send you some

*allegedly 9 out of 10 US Forces test subjects had this response

And in news to hand - Baconnaise : the new taste sensation?


  1. Are you sure we're speakin' the same language?

  2. @Ci-Roller Dude. Lol - some things may be lost in translation. Now how about I send you some vegemite to snack on? :D

    [not really evil...]

  3. Don't do it! The horror! The horroooooooorrrrr!

  4. @ASM - Awwww... so there are somethings that the Marines just won't face?

    Could this be a job FOR THE NAVY?


  5. Pax, don't even think about it. The Navy is faring fine as is. . .