July 27, 2012

And you thought YOUR native animals were weird!

Just sharing for those of my readers that keep thinking that Australian animals are cute & cuddly

Photo found via Facebook and I can not find the owner to attribute. If *you* are the
copyright holder please let me know so I can attribute OR take down if requested
More information on our exciting Aussie aquatic mascot can be found HERE

I recently sent a toy one of these to my newest Soldiers' Angels adoptee - I'm sure he is going to be opening the box and going "Wuh....?" 
[and since long time readers will surely ask - no musk sticks in this parcel. He needs to *ASK* before I will supply those.  And just to make sure he knows what he might be getting in to I sent him off a printed copy of the BEST musk stick review I have ever read. Bwhahahah!]


  1. Such an adorable face! That critter can't be nasty.


  2. The result of the drunken animal orgy a few thousand years ago.