July 8, 2012

Pax'ing the Past 2012

Yesterday I stepped back in time and attended the Abbey Medieval Festival

It was a bit of an adventure to reach the event site - 2 hours of travel to get there (bus to the city - train to Caboolture - Event bus to the Abbey area.  However it was worth it to catch up with a number of my Medieval Reenactor friends; to watch some of the tournaments; to eat rather delicious but-bad-for-me food; and to do a small amount of shopping at the market booths.

Here are a few of the snapshots I managed to take. Sadly, I failed to remember that I had a camera with me for some of the time, so these are just random photos. [and Very Sorry Guys - I missed a shot of the Comely Lass in the Mini-mini-mini Red Stretch-Velour dress and knee high leather boots. Her outfit can be termed "meji-e-val" since it had a Double-headed crest over her most salient features. You will just have to visualise it instead!]

Citadel Free Company

Cozzles wielding a Mighty Sword!

The Big Bad Wolf (aka Horn'd Beast) was there too.
Obligatory "Furry" shout-out to NavyOne! :)

Obleix et Asterix Domesticus
(the attendees are encouraged to dress-up - this one was a crowd pleaser!)

I did a very little bit of shopping (there were so many nice things but sadly I have to save my dollars until I know if I'm going to be retrenched from my job) however I did find and buy two of the above small "Knightly" charms (they are about an inch long and so shiny that the camera didn't manage to capture any details).  I will be sending one each to my two current adopted soldiers :).  [Adoptee the third goes "Mail Stop" on the 15th of July so sadly no more cards or letters or silly gifts can be sent to him from here]

All in all an enjoyable day - my spirits weren't even "dampened" by the icy drizzle that was happening on and off all day.


  1. Looks like a fun day. And sorry you missed the ladies picture. I could have use a bit of cheese right now.

  2. Neat pics, and looks like a good time!!! :-)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Looks like a fun time was enjoyed by all.