July 1, 2012

Pax and July

And enter the month of July...  it is going to prove to be a challenging month indeed!

In the next few weeks I may discover if my job is to be axed or not :(.  Under the new State Government that was recently elected, any positions they consider "non-front-line" are to be reviewed and considered for retrenchment.  This is to reduce the Public Sector workforce by over 20,000 jobs so that the State can start to balance their budget. [I personally support the idea of paying our bills and being in the black but think their method of doing so will prove to have a rebound effect in the long run with 20,000+ (not counting all the temp & contract staff that have lost their positions already) joining the unemployment rolls]

On the Lets-look-on-the-bright-side - I am very good at what I do (financial management/purchasing for Departmental needs) and have a good work ethic, so there is a high probability I can find another job at my level if any are offered. [or perhaps the Powers-that-be actually DO value knowledge and information and might leave some of the Library operating.... I can only hope]

In happier news - I have heard from one of my Adopted Soldiers.  He and his troops are coming home earlier than first expected and I am so very happy for them all.  If you feel inclined - please say a small prayer that they all make it home safely - only one more month to go until they are back on USA soil.

My other two adoptees remain "Silent Soldiers" for now - meaning I have heard nothing from them.  And that's okay - choice of reply/contact is *always* theirs to make.  My Newly adopted Marine is about to receive his very own Water Balloon Launcher so I hope it makes him smile and smile.

And now I am off to sleep - long days at work ahead of me. I am trying to get a project started and hopefully finished before they do any radical changes to my position - plus... can't hurt to look keen can it?


  1. Good luck with your job, Pax. As soon as I left my library job, they made it a part-time/no benefits position. I guess I should be grateful they didn't cut it out from under my feet.

  2. I don't think it's ever wise to cut jobs in order to "help" the economy.


  3. I hope all goes well for you. Hooray for you and all you do for the troops!

  4. Then don't vote Democrat, Janie, and I hope your job problems work out for you, Darling. But this may be the thing you need to come to the US and find your cowboy.

  5. I worked for local government for 32 years. in the 1980's we had a lot of budget problems...and cuts...then in the 90's...and again in recent times.
    Usually they cut the newest and hardest working person and leave the folks who "don't work so hard". Many times this has caused the system to almost fall apart...and cost more money to fix than they saved.
    but it can look good on paper and make the person in charge look like a hero