January 3, 2010

2010 and it's back to work tomorrow

It was nice to have a week off from work - we've even had rain here to keep us cool so I've missed the air-conditioned office less than I expected.

My to-do list sadly didn't get touched much however I have managed to find all the paperwork I need for the start of the year at work and even sorted out part of our very large book collection.  Part of the "lack of things done" stems from battling an ear infection since Christmas Eve so I'll be organising a doctors appointment this week (it's not something that I talk about much but due to Meniere's I've lost all hearing on the left and most on the right. So any ear infection causes me angst and woe that it will take the remaining ability. Since stress is a major trigger for my dizzy fits can you guess how much time I've spent crashed out on the couch this week? On the upside - I got to be slothful)  My doctor is even more freaked by my ear problems than I am so I can guarantee that he'll give me super-powerful meds and if I ask for it - a note for time off - which sadly I won't be able to take since I am covering for two others plus my standard job.  So too much to do without then trying to do make up work - at least I get to sit down for most of the day.

On the "doing something nice for others" front (which I try to factor in each month) some cold marines will be receiving some hand warmers shortly (a friend spotted them on anymarine.com and let me know. Living in tents and working out of an unheated warehouse - breaks the heart to hear of it).  Must also arrange more cookies for Martin and Gilbert too.  I'm missing sending things to Izzy now - which is rather silly since I know he'll be home soon and safe - but it was always good to receive his occasional email and know I'd made him smile.

And I've managed to read a number of new books this week.  Mainly romance tales - some good, some abysmal. I really wish ebook editors would learn the difference between "You're" (you are...) and Your (possessive) - bad editing really kills the tale for me I'm afraid.

Bed soon - just waiting for the end of an episode of Rome (I got season 2 in the after-christmas sales). Mmm.. sword & togas! - love it :)


  1. Keep us posted on your doc appointment. Feel better soon.

  2. Wore a toga for a Halloween party once.. Felt like I was wearing a dress! What's scary is, it was comfortable... :)

  3. Can't do the romance books. Chic thing. And a get-well-kiss to the ear. A little coffey in the ear is better than any Dr. meds anythime.