January 27, 2010

To sleep.. perchance (?)

Apologies as always to the Bard - his words are just so much fun to mangle

The Downside of having a 4 day weekend is that my sleep patterns get totally slewed about.

I will be the first to admit that I am naturally nocturnal - usually by evening is when all the caffiene I've ingested during the day hits the brain and I am AWAKE!!  (and for those of you playing at home that's Coke not Pepsi)

It's just a real pity that I have to be sentient enough tomorrow (okay - really later today) at work to do not only my job but my immediate bosses too (she's gone off on holidays leaving me with THE POWER... or more accurately the power* to buy books & stuff for my library. (our departmental budget is a wee bit overdrawn so pennies are being pinched - a true feat since we've not used the penny since 1966. Ooh Lookit! Australian trivia time) 

It's just gone half-past midnight here - anyone know of any sure fire ways of inducing sleep (and let's try for the "nice" sort people - my boyfriends' sense of humour lowers greatly after the pumpkin hour)

And in the mean time I'll go back to reading my latest "very interesting ebook" - although the editing defects in it aren't lulling me at all (seriously - how hard can it be for people to check context when running their spell checker? Your / You're have totally different meanings! Opps... sorry for the ranting - buttons have been pushed)


  1. I am Nocturnal, too…though I was raised Baptist. I don’t remember when I converted, either.

    Pepsi is just a weakened, water-downed Coke.

    “…anyone know of any sure fire ways of inducing sleep?” Have you tried reading about my sex life? It would make a vampire go to sleep in the middle of the night.

  2. I do better at night, too, so I'm not sure what to tell you about going to sleep. Usually I go til I pass out. :)

  3. Watch a movie you've seen a dozen times..

  4. Coffey - I've read about some of your sex life and it seems far from boring :)

    Hope - I like your "go till pass out" however I find I just don't manage to get up again when the alarm goes off - and sleeping under my work desk has caused a few comments ;D

    Buffalo - My favourite many-times movie is "Hunt for Red October" - no way I'm going to sleep through that one [but I'll check out the b/f's collection - I'm sure he's got some snooze-worthy ones]