January 13, 2010

Pax Present-us

My friends are having a baby boy - in about 4 months time or so - so I have been in search of the perfect baby gift.

It's just so important that it reflect my inner Pax-ness so I hunted high & low for the "Very Thing"(tm.)

So this has now been ordered and will hopefully grace their door stoop shortly

(why yes.. I *AM* a geek - how ever did you work that out?)

I was also looking at these other shirts (below) but sadly they don't come in the itty-bitty range for new borns (technically Dad's not a ninja - he's an Airborne Ranger - but it's the sneakiness inherent in the man that draws me to his wit; not to mention his kick-arse wife with the killer one-liners)

There's also 2 pounds of jellybeans in the parcel - have to ensure I bribe the two older boys (6 & 8 years old) with continuing propoganda that "Aussie Mari is super cool".  I'm sure when they are a wee bit older I can look into a drum kit or two for them  [the joys of being so many many miles away from instant retribution :) ] - and as an added bonus can you imagine the Suger High they're going to have? Bwhahahaha!


  1. You are a good lady...perhaps I should take lessons from you. Uh...on goodness, not being a lady.

  2. A more accurate T-shirt for any baby:
    "Contains an Eating, pooing, crying, cute little muchkin"

  3. Coffey - it's all about learning to sit with your ankles nicely crossed ;D

    CI - I suspect "Truth in advertising" would need the fine print of 18 years of dependence added in... it might negate the "Cute" tag

  4. Definition of a baby: A cute, pleasant idiot...best days of our lives, and we don't get to remember them!