January 10, 2010

C is for Cookies!

I Love these guys - http://www.cookiesdirect.net/store.html

They really make sending Noms to my adopted soldiers so easy (and their "Treats for the Troops" program means they will add in an extra dozen cookies as a donation [people can add their own donations of $9 per order and when they send out your dozen extra batch they put in a cute card reading "donated by someone in X"]

I've just sent off 2 dozen (+ 1 Doz donation) to my third adoptee - he should receive them in about a fortnight so that's his sweet treat for the month sorted.

Now should I also send cookies to Adoptee #1 (and his team - since he shares anything I send with them all) or maybe some Mountain Thunder Kona?  Really not sure which would be more appreciated.  Any suggestions?


  1. Don't know. What's a Mountain Thunder Kona? Sounds like a good ole Southern jug of 'litning.

  2. It's Coffee, Coffey - http://www.mountainthunder.com/

    And you'll never guess who orignally gave me the information on this crowd *grin*

  3. I would guess that is the dude who calls himself America's 1st Sgt.

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  5. Whoops... I guess I need to READ the comments before letting them post (learning curve)

    And Bad Coffeypot! No cookies for you! (I'm trying to treat the boys not thrust them into needing counselling) :)