January 11, 2010

The Importance of being Important

I love technology!  Due to the cleverness of the internets I managed to spend ages chatting to my friend Izzy last night. [Facebook instant messaging is pretty good]

Izzy is 3 week away from his return to the States from Iraq and currently living in a tent that seems to get great internet connection (or maybe his computer wizardry has assisted in that)

He mentioned in passing that rockets and things where being lobbed towards them on a regular basis - but that I was not to worry since they weren't hitting anything important.

So Izzy if you are reading this KEEP REMEMBERING YOU ARE IMPORTANT! - because you are to some of us at home (and keep your head down)


  1. It is easier on them, because they are there and know what is happening. It is us at home who only have our imaginations that is the problem. Izzy will be fine.

  2. Left you a present at HR...xox

  3. After my first few rocket/ mortar attacks in Iraq, I concluded it was all random, and they were really not after me. Most of the time they hit dirt, but when the rocks rained down on me when I was trying to relax outside between repairing mess kits, it sometimes was annoying as hell.

    and when the little hajji bastard shot at us with his AK, I was glad he missed that day of rifle training in his terrorist class.

    That's why I say " a bad day in California is better than the best day in Iraq."

  4. Getting shot at gets your attention, no matter who you think you are... Tell him to keep his head down, and shoot back!

  5. :) - thanks for the comments. He assures me he is keeping his head down (as well as all other bodily bits).