January 17, 2010

Pax Domesticus

Our recent bookshelf building adventures left our carpet in dire need of some TLC - and since I'm too scottish to pay for a professional cleaner to do just one room (we only have two rooms +bathroom in the unit and the bedroom is just too "ground zero" with excess stuff to even consider finding the floor) I decided I would hire a steam cleaner and have at it myself.

This is the beast

The Cat was typically unhappy at the noise and furniture moving so sat outside and hissed at me whenever I appeared

A few hours of moving furniture, cleaning, moving furniture back and then convincing the cat that it was safe to come back inside and I have nice carpet again (well clean *old* carpet that came with the place when I bought it. The new carpet is on the list after 3 more renovation jobs)

And in foodie news since I've been salivating over the posts made at http://buffalodickdy.blogspot.com/ , I give you Kangaroo steaks with a variation of a caesar salad
(made by Mr. B who does 99% of the cooking here - I do the cleaning and eating :)

And some noms to show the diversity of the TimTam range (Hey Vicki! - Lookit!!)

Note also the stunning penguin lamp given to me by my friend Megs (and ignore the photos - that might be a future post - or not)


  1. I thought about cleaning the carpet, but after careful considration, I burnt the house down instead. Got all new carpet, paint, curtains, tv and clothes. Have to wait a few years before I can do it again, though. Don't tell anyone.

  2. *blinks* I never even thought of the arson way - D'oh!

  3. Hey Dacker - yes Kangaroo Steaks.

    Our Iconic native animal is low in cholesterol and mighty tasty (we also regularly have Kanga Banga's aka sausages). These are farmed animals of course - raised for the meat market. The Wild ones carry all sorts of parasites so not too safe to munch on (plus they'll give you such a kicking if you try to get too close)